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What We Do

      Australian Consumer Panels® is a consulting firm that specializes in product testing and product development work. We design and conduct In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT) locally and nationally to provide actual user feedback to evaluate your products, packaging, related product instructions and more. 

      Australian Consumer Panels® makes it easy to find and engage your target audience, gather their feedback and shape new consumer products. We can fulfill your sample needs in Australia with engaged panelists for online qualitative and quantitative consumer/market research projects.

BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION: If you are a brand manager, product manager, research manager, or small business owner interested in In-Home Usage Test consumer research for your product, please contact an account manager at

Proprietary Network of In-Home Usage Testers 

      We leverage our network of proprietary panels for companies requiring ongoing and immediate access to opinions. We can provide you with instant access to product testers for evaluating the in-home experience with a wide variety of products. If you require either a fast turnaround or real time feedback on product testing, we offer in-home usage testing with online survey completion. Our work helps ensure proper product certification and greater market access, the ability to meet product performance and quality metrics and the promotion and elevation of your brand’s name and reputation.

      Australian Consumer Panels® offers different In-Home Usage Tests (IHUT) options designed to address both information and budget needs of the client. We offer access to our localized panels to allow for controlled access and a closer touchpoint with participants. 
Australian Consumer Panels®  now offers national In-Home product placement options that are ideal for testing in specific or broad-based geographies.
Why Product Testing?

      Understanding how your consumer responds to your product in a normal usage setting is critical to the overall success of your new product. 

      In Home Usage Testing, commonly shortened to IHUT, is a cost-effective and practical way to test your product with real and targeted consumers before moving forward with a full-fledged product launch. Usability, satisfaction, brand communication, usage behavior, and potential product improvements are assessed quickly to optimize your product or design before market launch.      

     Connecting with Australian Consumer Panels'® proprietary panelists is a gateway into the consumer mindset and can assure your team of a successful new product launch or communications campaign and ongoing feedback with opportunities to build brand loyalty.       

     If you conduct hundreds of product tests per year, then it may make sense to consider building a private product testing panel, consisting of category users and your customers. We have the staff, software, and systems to build and operate online panels to support product testing, sensory research, and in-home usage testing.      

      Get in touch with us for a free consultation to help you design an efficient and cost effective In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) to further develop your product and reach a wider market.

Client Applications

In-Home Usage Testing can be a valuable tool in the following scenarios:

  • New Product Development
  • Brand Repositioning/Revitalization 
  • Brand Extensions 
  • New Product and Service Validation and Testing

In-Home Usage Testing will help you to achieve results like:  

  • Product superiority over competitive products 
  • Monitor the potential threats posed by competitive products 
  • Cost-reduce product formulations and/or processing methods 
  • Measure the effects of aging on products (shelf-life studies) 
  • Monitor product quality from different factories 
  • Predict consumer acceptance of new products 
  • Determine the optimal set of ingredients or features, given a
    price point or profit goal

In-Home Usage Tests will establish the following: 

  • Product benefits/weaknesses in detail 
  • Potential areas for improvement 
  • The acceptor-rejector dynamics (these include first impression, appeal and purchase intent) 
  • Consumer overall satisfaction
Our Avantage

     Participants are highly screened to meet your needs for the project. Our focus group recruiters follow a very specialized process to ensure that persons meet the exact requirements for participation and are committed to and prepared for In-Home product tests. Participants enrolled for a particular study are also re-screened by management for quality assurance. Participants in product testing are screened to ensure that the product is one that they qualify to test and that have a balance of demographics and attitudes.

     Australian Consumer Panels® provides reduced costs and continuous feedback, which result in better decision-making capabilities and greater brand intelligence. Easily recruit and identify target consumers with a simple process in place to execute In-Home usage testing.

Partial List of Clients

These are some brands tested directly or indirectly by our team of In-Home Product Testers in the last few months: 

VonShef, Kenwood, HTC, KitchenAid, Paco Rabanne, Sony, Clarisonic, Tassimo, BaByliss, Magnitone, Apple, NutriBullet, Tefal, Ray-Ban, Dyson, Angelcare, Hotel Chocolat, Nina Ottosson, Fitbit, Nespresso, iCandy, Tomy, Breville, Fisher-Price and GHD among others.

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If you are a brand manager, product manager, research manager, or small business owner interested in In-Home Usage Test consumer research, please contact an account manager at sales@


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